Organ Caves

  Hey this is me at the Oregon Caves National Park. I’m wearing jeans, sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, a hoodie and a rain coat. This was not for fashion but it keep me warm in the caves. It was 42 degrees in there. It was cold in there! We were 200 ft. under ground! And there were little streams.










Oregon Caves National ParkThe second picture is from inside of the cave. The rock like formations on the ceiling they are called  stalactites. Inside the cave there were huge rooms and some look like bananas! Isn’t that funny?


Drag Racing

    Hey!  I know this isn’t my most fashionable outfit, but it works for going to see the drag races.  I’m wearing a Washington Huskies short sleeve tee-shirt under my green Girl Scout hoodie and boot cut jeans with my sneakers.  With me is my  cuz Cheyanne.  We came out for my dad’s birthday this weekend and had a great time!


Hey that’s me. The skirt is made out of blue tulle. The leotard is made out of blue velvet and the sleeves are too. There is blue silk down the middle of the leotard.There are also three blue rose above and below the silk.The blue glitter is the design on the leotard and on the sleeves.

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